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"Every once in a while we have feelings so deep and so special that we have no words for them.  Music names them for us, only in notes instead of in words.  It's all in the way music moves--we must never forget that music is movement, always going somewhere, shifting and changing, and flowing, from one note to another; and that movement can tell us more about the way we feel than a million words can."  Leonard Bernstein

Music Advocacy’s Top Ten for Parents

“According to Dr. Frances Rausher (a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin), music training, specifically piano instruction, appears to dramatically enhance a child’s abstract thinking skills and spatial-temporal ability—skills that are necessary for mathematics and science.”

 Music students out-perform non-music on achievements tests in reading and math.  Skills such as reading, anticipating, memory, listening, forecasting, recall, and concentration are developed in musical performance, and these skills are valuable to students in math, reading, andscience.  (B. Friedman, “An Evaluation of the Achievement in Reading and Arithmetic of Pupils in Elementary School Instrumental Music Classes,”—Dissertation Abstracts International)

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