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We know an age more vividly through its music than through its historians.”  Rosanne Ambrose-Brown


Music, for adults, can take on many different roles.  It can be recreational, promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, enhance memory, and promote physical rehabilitation. 

 Advanced technology is enhancing music classes with computer software programs, digital keyboards, orchestrated accompaniments and incorporating familiar melodies.  Adult music classes are an informal time to get together, share music with others and create music in an enjoyable, stress-free environment.  Bring a friend and join the fun. 

 Piano and harp (lap and lever harp) group classes are available.   See Schedule page for classes.

Benefits of Adult Music Lessons
Taking Piano Lessons is a Growing Trend Among Adults
Music Making and Wellness
“A Song a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”
Benefits of Playing the Piano

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