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  Wunder Keys  Innovative, one-on-one piano lessons giving preschoolers a head start in music, math, and life.

 Music can change the world. ~Ludwig Van Beethoven

·        Music enhances abstract thinking skills
·        Music develops spatial-temporal skills
·        Music develops reading creativity skills
·        Music is a science—it is exact and organized
·        Music is a foreign language
·        Music is historical
·        Music boosts coordination
·        Music enhances concentration
·        Music develops a sense of confidence and pride
·        Music is art

The language of music is common to all generations and nations.
It is understood by everybody, since it is understood with the heart.  ~Gioacchino Rossini

Wedertz Music Academy Offers

·       Private Lessons in Piano, Harp and Flute
        Age 4 – Adult; Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Students
·   Voice Lessions

·   Group Piano Lessons
·   Music Classes (see class schedule)
·   Composition
·   Music Lab—additional music work before or after your
     lesson in a computer lab


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